Lean N Clean Review

Lean N Clean Review
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Desperate for bowel regulation and a systemic cleansing?  Lean N Clean promises immediate aid.  It also relieves some of the most painful hemorrhoid symptoms such as itching, burning and swelling promptly.  Users have also reported successful treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, diverticulitis, acne, fatigue and premature aging.  When the list of results becomes this varied, the light bulb above the prudent consumer’s head strikes a “Question Mark?”

Developed by a pharmacist and clinical nutritionist, Lean N Clean is comprised of all natural ingredients that induce self cleansing of the body.


Lean N Clean contains:

  • Dandelion Root- A foundational element for traditional Chinese medicine and frequently seen in medicinal teas, Dandelion root has a long term reputation as a natural remedy for digestion disorders.
  • Aloe Vera– Known for its soothing properties, especially in burns and wounds, Aloe Vera functions in similar soothing fashion as a remedy for constipation
  • Alfalfa- A member of the  pea family, Alfalfa has been a key ingredient in herbal medicine for well over 1,500 years.  It is very effective for treatment of digestive and kidney issues.
  • Apple Pectin – A fiber well respected for it cholesterol lowering effects, Apple Pectin has cleansing properties that promote healthy digestive balance.
  • Burdock Root- is traditionally used as blood purifier and has shown considerable success in the treatment of acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.
  • Guar Gum-  A competent multi-tasker, Guar Gum is used as a bulk laxative, appetite suppressant and in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Irish Moss-  is actually a  seaweed that is mineral rich.  It can act as a mild anticoagulant, treat chronic breathing disorders, and relieve dysentery, diarrhea and some disorders of the kidney and bladder.
  • Magnesium Phosphate– A competent antacid, Lean N Clean includes Magnesium  to increase the alkalinity and neutralize excess acid in the stomach.
  • Marshmallow Root-  With its  high mucilage content, Marshmallow Root operates as  proficient emollient, soothing  irritated and inflamed  mucous membranes.
  • Milk Thistle-  protects the liver against damaging agents.
  • Psyllium Husks- A common  fiber with lubricating and cleansing properties.  Considered very effective for digestive problems including constipation.
  • Slippery Elm Bark- offers relief through its potent lubricating facilities.


Lean N Clean should be taken twice a day, in between meals and on an empty stomach. One level scoop (2 tsps) is added to a 16-ounce glass of water and stirred briskly to fully dissolve. It is recommended that an additional 16-ounce glass of water follow as a ‘chaser.’   Lean N Clean should not be used by children or pregnant/nursing women.


Lean N Clean costs $49.95 per bottle.   The company offers a 10%  discount  for referrals, making it appear  the ‘Avon’ player in the hemorrhoidal products field.


The 100% guarantee offered by Lean N Clean seems too good to be true and it most likely is; there are so many qualifications and stipulations that the average consumer is likely to feel only frustration, not product satisfaction.

Conclusion of Lean N Clean Review

Lean N Clean, while incorporating many separately respected ingredients does not have a proven track record in this combined formulation, making it of questionable value to a consumer seeking immediate hemorrhoid relief.

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