Nutritional Concepts Garcinia Max 1000 Review

Nutritional Concepts Garcinia Max 1000 Review
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Garcinia Cambogia has become known as one of the most wanted natural weight loss supplements, and many brands are available that contains the magical fruit that promises you with great results without any effort from your side in dieting or working out.

Nutritional Concepts are one of these brands that have produced Garcinia Max 1000 that is based on 50% HCA fruit extract that has been the minimum recommended value by Dr. Oz on his show. When you look at the bottle the supplement contains there is really nothing fancy about the packaging to say please buy me.

Although this weight loss supplement has been embraced by users to help aid them in suppressing their appetite and weight loss we still felt that we should take a closer look at what Nutritional Concepts have to offer.


When taking a closer look at the ingredients used in this supplement, it must be noted that the figures below only apply to one serving or two capsules and contains the following:

For one the product does not contain calcium and is free of added fillers and binders that make this weight loss supplement quite reliable. The only problem is the concentration used that is quite low, this causes that you needs to take more capsules at the same time to be able to see any results.


The company advises that you should take two capsules daily, before any meal of your choice, or based on your doctor’s instructions. It is worth noting that by taking 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia daily is well under the recommended dosage of 1500 mg, as presented by Dr. Oz on his show. However, they do advise that exceeding the recommended dosage must be done only under your doctor’s supervision.

Side Effects

Side effects have not been noted with the use of the product although some users had not been pleased with the results of using this weight supplement as they gained weight and did not lose much.


Nutritional Concepts Garcinia Max 1000 can be bought from the manufacturer at a low price of $14.99, Amazon is selling this weight loss supplement at a discounted price of $7.49 and one bottle holds 60 capsules that will provide you with 30 servings.


No clear information can be seen on the manufacturer’s web source, thus causing problems if you do need to return the product and should be taken up directly with the supplier.

Conclusion of Nutritional Concepts Garcinia Max 1000 Review

Some products like Nutritional Concepts receive reliable feedback from users that is good; however, for one the concentration is only 50% HCA and holds only 500 mg in a capsule.

We cannot really say if this product will work with weight loss, if you only take two capsules daily. One good point regarding the supplement is that it does not contain calcium, making it a plus when using.

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