Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray Review

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray Review
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The scaly and red rash that appears on people’s feet and causes irritation and itching, known as athlete’s foot, is caused by a fungal infection. People are infected by these fungi when they come into contact with them, by touching an infected body part of another person or by walking on surfaces which are contaminated. It is a fairly common condition with no major health risks, but it can be very distracting and uncomfortable. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray is a natural product that is designed to eliminate the fungus and to treat the inflammation that the infection caused. In our review, we evaluate its possible effectiveness.


This spray contains pure tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antifungal effects because it contains a compound called terpinen-4-ol. This compound has been scientifically proven to induce a signaling pathway in fungal cells that is responsible for reducing the synthesis of their cell walls and cell membrane. Without these two vital components, fungal cells will die, and thus the infection will be eliminated.

The very same compound is also able to reduce the number of chemical messengers that cause inflammation. Once the inflammation is resolved, the itching and redness will go away too.

As an added benefit, the aroma of the oil masks any foot odor.


The spray should be applied to the users feet daily with special attention to spray between the toes. It is also recommended to spray socks and shoes. The manufacturer doesn’t state how often each day the user should apply this product, but if possible, we believe at least three times a day should be optimal.

Possible Side Effects

This product can cause irritation when it comes into contact with sensitive organs such as the eyes and mouth. In the case that contact occurs, the affected area must be rinsed out thoroughly. It is possible for an allergic reaction to develop so if any adverse effects, such as swelling or a headache occur, stop the use of the product immediately.


50 ml of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray can be purchased online for $9.99. This price does not include shipping and taxes. Thursday Plantation does not appear to offer any bulk purchasing options for customer discounts.


This product can be returned to the manufacturer if they are contacted within 3 working days following the delivery. This guarantee does not include if customers have changed their minds about the product.

Conclusion of Our Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray Review

Tea tree oil as a viable option for the treatment of athlete’s foot because it is an effective but all natural treatment. This manufacturer offers their tea tree oil spray at a fairly reasonable price. Despite the fact that tea tree oil contains the necessary compounds to eliminate fungal infections and treat inflammation, this manufacturer could have included other supporting ingredients to enhance these effects, such as aloe or Manuka oil.

The customer support that this manufacturer offers is also quite weak. The three day returns period is far too short and does not protect the customer if the product does not work. There are manufacturers which offer satisfaction guarantees for up to several months so we suggest customers look at other products.

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