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BioSport CLA Max for Weight Loss
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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been scientifically proven to assist individuals with weight loss. Since this discovery, many natural product manufacturers have flocked to design CLA supplements. But not all manufacturers produce an effective supplement. This review examines BioSport CLA Max, to determine whether it is an effective supplement and if it is worthwhile for customers to invest in.


The CLA comes from the active ingredient – safflower oil. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid. Fatty acids are an important part of a person’s diet because they are required to build new cells and repair damaged tissues. Without this action the skin can become dry and scaly and wounds take much longer to heal. So CLA is a good inclusion in a person’s diet, just from a maintenance point of view. It has also been linked to a reduction in cholesterol levels.

But just as importantly it can help a person to lose weight. It does this because fatty acids are also used as signaling molecules in the body, and this particular one reduces the expression of the hormones that promote hunger. It also stops immature fat cells from growing into fully mature ones so they can’t store fat and the fat is released instead and metabolized.


Two softgel capsules of BioSport CLA Max should be taken daily as one capsule each with two different meals. The daily serving contains 2000 mg of safflower oil, which is a sufficient daily dosage of CLA.

Possible Side Effects

Very rarely occurring side effects like an upset stomach or diarrhoea may occur with the use of CLA. Otherwise in the vast majority of cases, there are no side effects. However there has been no conclusive evidence to confirm the safety of CLA for children, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. These individuals should consider consulting a physician before using this supplement.


A bottle of 90 capsules of BioSport CLA Max can be purchased online for $19.99, and a bottle of 180 capsules can be purchased for $29.99. We could not find any evidence of the manufacturer offering discounts for buying in bulk.


The products are not necessarily satisfaction guaranteed from this manufacturer but there is a returns policy that is valid for 30 days. Less than 25% of the product must be used in order to qualify for a return.

Conclusion of Our BioSport CLA Max Review

BioSport CLA Max contains the right dosage of CLA to exhibit the effects that were found in the scientific studies. It is also offered at a reasonable price. For all intents and purposes, this supplement is a good one. But there are some features about it where it is outshined by its competitors. For example, other manufacturers offer a guarantee which is valid for longer, and that covers products which have been completely used. Some of the same manufacturers also offer discounts for buying bulk orders of the product. We recommend customers also have a look at these if they’d like a more secure purchase.

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