MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA Review

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA Review
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Today we review Platinum Pure CLA by MuscleTech.  Losing weight is difficult.  Building muscle is hard work.  CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, may help achieve both these goals.  It is said to increase fat-burning and energy production by making it easier for the body to access its fat stores and use them for energy.  It is also thought to increase muscle cell insulin sensitivity, leading to stronger, leaner muscles.  The amount of CLA obtained in the average diet is not enough to produce these results.  There are many supplements available.  But finding the best can be difficult.  To learn more about MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA, read our review below.


The primary Ingredient found in this supplement is 800mg of CLA derived from safflower seed oil. This is fairly standard for a CLA Supplement.  We like that the conjugated linoleic acid is obtained from safflower seed oil.  Research seems to show that this is the best source. Disappointingly, MuscleTech does not list the full breakdown of its CLA.  Without the levels of the other fatty acids, we cannot calculate the percentage of CLA.  A level of 85% is considered optimum.  Anything less will work poorly, if at all.


MuscleTech suggests taking one softgel capsule three times daily, before meals.  This results in a sufficient dose in terms of milligrams, but without the percentage of CLA, we cannot be certain of its effectiveness.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer lists no side effects.  However, those who are nursing or pregnant should not take CLA Pure Platinum.  Those with medical conditions should consult their physicians before taking this product.


Pure Platinum CLA is not available directly from the manufacturer.  Various retailers offer it at differing prices. These retailers are listed on the manufacturer’s website.


After studying both the MuscleTech site and the product bottle we were unable to find evidence of a manufacturer’s guarantee.  It takes a confident producer to offer a strong guarantee.  Its lack does not necessarily mean a poor product, but we like to keep it in mind.  The market is crowded with CLA products, and finding the best can be hard.  An excellent guarantee eliminates risk when buying something new.  In the case of MuscleTech’s Platinum Pure CLA, a disappointed consumer may need to turn to the retailer for compensation.

A conclusion of Our CLA Pure Premium Review

There are some things we really like about MuscleTech’s Platinum Pure CLA.  They use simple ingredients with no artificial flavorings or colorants.  They get their CLA from safflower oil, which studies suggest is the best source.  Unfortunately, our concerns are greater.  Perhaps the most troubling is the absence of any way to determine the percentage level of CLA.  If it is too low, the product will not work.  Burning fat and building muscle is hard enough without discouragement from a useless supplement.  This is not helped by the absence of a manufacturer’s guarantee.  It is hard to believe in a product if the maker does not.  For these reasons, we cannot recommend this supplement.

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