Natrol Tonalin CLA Review

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Natrol Tonalin CLA Review
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When it comes to weight loss supplements, CLA based ones have been one of the few that managed to stay relevant over the years. Natrol Tonalin CLA continues this long list of weight loss supplements. As the name suggests, it uses conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This is a naturally occurring essential fatty acid that helps prevent fat build up in the body. It accomplishes this by slowing down the production of enzymes that are connected to storing fat in the body. CLA also acts as a metabolism booster that speeds up the body’s ability to burn fat.

One unique benefit of taking CLA supplements is its ability to help in bodybuilding. CLA has the ability to develop leaner muscle mass, this is of course in addition to daily exercise. If you wish to learn more about this product, please continue reading our full Natrol Tonalin CLA review below.


  • Tonalin FFA 80 – 1200 mg

As with most CLA based supplements, Natrol Tonalin CLA utilizes only one main ingredient. This is of course the often used Tonalin CLA formula. Natrol Tonalin’s CLA is derived from Safflower Seed Oil extract which is the most common source of CLA. While CLA can also be found in dairy products, it is much easier to process if taken from safflower seed oil.

Natrol Tonalin CLA pretty much contains the industry standard when it comes to ingredients. It has everything you would expect to see in a CLA supplement. Not much in the way of surprises here.


As the label suggest, you should only take one capsule before each meal. This means that the recommended dosage is within three capsules per day. Do not exceed this dosage as side effects can occur if you go over the recommended daily dosage. For added safety, we advise you also consult with a health professional first before taking CLA weight loss supplements.


Natrol Tonalin CLA can be purchased in retail stores near you or through reputable online stores. You can check their official website to get a list of local chain retail stores that offer this product or simply buy one from third party online shops such as Amazon.

Natrol Tonalin CLA comes in two sizes: the 60 count capsule bottle and the 90 count capsule bottle. The 60 count bottle is priced at $8.75 while the 90 count is available for $14.53. While special discounts are not available for bulk purchase, the product is priced at such an affordable rate that this is practically a non-issue.

Possible Side Effects

While CLA has been proven safe for general use there is still the risk of side effects for those taking it. Most are mild and usually develop due to misuse (going past the recommended dosage). Others develop when the person is already taking a prescription medication.

Mild side effects connected to CLA are stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea and flatulence. Others have reported acne problems after taking CLA supplements. For your safety, we advise that you always consult with your doctor before taking any type of supplement no matter how safe it claims to be.


Natrol Tonalin CLA does not come with any customer guarantee.

Natrol Tonalin CLA Review – The Bottom Line

Natrol Tonalin CLA pretty much covered all the basics of CLA supplements. This offers the standard benefits of CLA based weight loss supplements. Don’t expect results if you are not going to include daily exercise and proper diet. Remember that these supplements

are not wonder

drugs that can magically eliminate fat – you will need to still play your part and work hard to get the results you want.

When used alongside proper diet and exercise, Natrol Tonalin CLA can be lead to great results. All in all, Natrol Tonalin CLA should be a safe choice but its effectiveness varies from person to person.

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