Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women Review

Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women Review
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This is a review of Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women. Taken orally as a supplement, it is designed to strengthen and maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is especially formulated to remedy fine or thinning hair.


Horsetail extract has long been used to address hair loss, hair thinning, weak nails, as well as a number of bladder and fluid retention conditions. It may also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Copper is used in the body to enable a number of biological processes, and plays a role in the casing of nerve endings and collagen, and is needed to produce an antioxidant occurring in the body. Healthy levels of copper in the body help to regulate metabolic processes, as well as the absorption of iron, connective tissues, and balancing hormones regulated by the thyroid. Copper binds with peptides to carry essential nutrients to the surface of the skin, improving firmness, softness, and skin elasticity. Riboflavin, also known as B2, plays an important role in the body’s production of energy, helping to absorb amino acids and healthy fats. It helps to regulate thyroid function, assisting in the processing of hormones, and healthy regeneration of tissues. Cysteine, or L-cysteine, is a semi-essential amino acid and extremely important in the creation of glutathione, arguably the most important antioxidant in the body. It helps to protect DNA from free-radical damage and encourages healthy arteries and blood vessel systems. Human hair is made of about 14% L-cysteine, and so taking it is supplement form may help to increase the building-block used by the body to create healthy hair.

These ingredients are held in a BCC12-Base, which is free of many allergens and hormone disruptors.


For best results, you should take one to two tablets per day. There is no mention of when these should be taken, or if they should be timed around meals.


This supplement is available through the Beauty Care Choices website, which is where salon products are sold online. It is also sold through major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can purchase it on Beauty Care Choices for the price of $32 for a bottle containing 60 tablets, or 30 days worth.

Possible Side Effects

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this supplement. Some of the ingredients can have adverse effects when taken in large doses, so those suffering from chronic illness, or who are taking prescribed or over the counter medications should consult a doctor before using this supplement.


Beauty Care Choices offers a 30-day money back guarantee for this product. They say they accept returns for any reason, though they have not specified what condition the bottles need to be in to be eligible for a refund.

Conclusion of Our Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women Review

This product uses targeted ingredients to really improve hair, skin, and nails at the source, and user reviews indicate that it delivers on what it claims it will. The one important ingredient this product seems to be lacking is biotin, which is a very important vitamin for healthy hair. There is also no information provided about the quantity of each ingredient in this product, which makes it difficult to justify the high price.

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