The Hemorrhoid Cure Kit Review

The Hemorrhoid Cure Kit Review
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The makers of the Hemorrhoid Cure Kit are very bold: it is said to be the highest quality, easiest to use and provider of the longest lasting relief.  Those are high hoops to jump through so our researchers were chomping at the bit to find out if this holy grail of hemorrhoid medications lived up to its promises. Essentially, the Hemorrhoid Cure Kit is a double fisted combination of herbal anti-inflammatories, pain relievers and calming ointments.


Combining  two traditional Chinese formulas, the ingredients are:

XiaoZhi RuanGao

  • Radix Sanguisorbae
  • Borneolum Syntheticum

Zhi De Xiao:

  • Radix Sangulsorbae
  • Radix Ampelopsis
  • Herba Selaginellae
  • Flos Sophorae
  • Galla Chinensis

None of these ingredients has any clinical research to support that they do anything to relieve hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid symptoms.  In some cases, little or nearly nothing is known about these ingredients, a concerning factor for a patient already suffering and desiring safe and effective, not to mention immediate relief.  If you are prone to sensitivies or allergies, an extra cautionary flag is waving at you.


XiaoZhi RuanGao

Following thorough cleaning of the affected anal area, the paste should be evenly applied twice a day.

Zhi De Xiao

Zhi De Xiao should be taken orally 3 times a day when treating for hemorrhoids.


The Hemorrhoid Cure Kit contains 4 syringes containing the paste and 60 tablets for a grand total of $29.95.  This is considerably less than competitive products and of course, one has to wonder why.  So, we looked deeper.


The company’s guarantee is limited to the price of shipping only and does not cover reimbursement for the cost of the product kit itself.

Conclusion – The Hemorrhoid Cure Kit Review

With its obscure ingredients that are not clinically studied and proven, a hemorrhoid sufferer should be extremely cautious about proceeding to treatment with this kit.  Hemorrhoid aren’t much fun as it is; most patients want to resolve the matter effectively the first time without a lot of complications. The Hemorrhoid Cure Kit has an alluring price point but without proven product safety and effectiveness, it does not really say much.

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